The Elektrik Cave on Worldwide FM

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The Elektrik Cave has found a new home on Worldwide FM. Tune in to the first show on the 13th November. 

Excited to share a station with some serious talent, and serious selectors. 

Expect to hear live sessions, interviews and more.

(You know the turns are going to be maud.) 

The Elektrik Cave - 7th November 2017

The Elektrik Cave is back with the weekly shows. Expect your dose of goodies every week, usually on a Monday but this week it's here as a midweek virtue for dem ears. 


Aldophus - NFOU / UK 

OSHUN - Burn / US 

Noya Rao - Azimuth / UK

Courtney Pine ft Omar - Butterfly / UK

Mo Kolours - Unknown / UK 

Jitwam - Trust / India

Jaiya Moon - Hair Down / UK 

22a - Butterfly / UK 

Onyx Collective - Fruit Salad / US 

ShunGu - Bow Wow 

22a - Tisbury Truckin / UK 

Dozer Carter - Out Here with Bowie / UK

ShunGu - Track 739 / Belgium

Luka ft Carryn Kramer - The One / South Africa 

Nai Palm - Wititj (Lightning Snake) Pt. 2 / Australia 

David Borsu - WE DREAM (Original Mix) / UK 

Great news! You'll also be able to hear The Elektrik Cave on Worldwide FM. 

Tune in on Monday (13th November) from 12-2pm BST. 

JazzBetween TAKE OVER




Moscow, Russia

This one is for the Jazz lovers and Jazz dancers. I found a movement in Moscow, Russia who are all about Jazz, and I thought - we'll, they've got to do a show for The Elektrik Cave. 

If you missed the last show, you can catch it here: 





Montreal, Canada

It's time to swap and exchange! 

This month ALLDAYJAM will be taking over The Elektrik Cave. We'll be taking over ALLDAYJAM on the 12th May

Updated 17th April 2017, 04:11

Head over to Montreal in Canada for this week's show. ALLDAYJAM's mix is just perfect listening.

The Elektrik Cave Update

We're changing things up!

The Elektrik Cave will be uploading new shows on to Mixcloud every Monday morning, instead of Wednesday morning, this is to accommodate for some wonderful new changes, and hey-ho why not! 

If you missed the last show check it out here: 

If you missed the wonderful take over with the guys from France two weeks, then where have you been?! Make sure you also check that one out. 


Since we're on the topic of #TheElektrikCaveWorldwide keep your ears to the ground for a new show coming soon. I think we might be heading over to Canada. Listen to the next show to find out where in Canada and what DJ will be providing the mix. 


Erica x