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Hello and welkome to The Elektrik Cave. How are you? 

OthaSoul: Opal Fruits 

Elektrik Cave – As I always ask in my radio interviews, ‘What is the purpose of music?’ A very deep and philosophical question to start. However, on The Elektrik Cave blog you have no more than 10 words to answer that question in? 

OthaSoul: To be a constant in an otherwise inconsistent world.

EC – OthaSoul. How did you come to that name?

Jungle VIP: I released my solo tune ‘One’ which Dozer produced and had to come up with a name to release it under. Me being mix raced I had to tick the ‘other’ box my whole life and I’ve always felt like the category of music I was into fell into the ‘other’ category. When me and Dozer formed the group I realised that it applied to what we were doing so much that it just had to be the name. We’ve got that Otha-Soul in our system.

EC - How did you all meet?

Dozer Carter: Me and Jungle had a mutual bredrin, Nagre who told Jungle to holla me for beats a couple years ago. Turned out we lived in the same ends randomly. Jungle and DMobbs have known each other since back in the day and as soon as we heard his debut beat tape we knew he had to be involved.

Left to right, D Mobbs, Jungle VIP, Dozer Carter

Left to right, D Mobbs, Jungle VIP, Dozer Carter

EC – Do any of you (out of D Mobbs, Jungle VIP and Dozer Carter) have any hidden musical talents? I believe one of you may be a drummer?

Jungle VIP: Yeah, I used to play Jazz Drums but I ain’t picked up the sticks in a while. Now I’m trying to single handedly bring back the talkbox!

DMobbs: I played the violin at school, played bass in a few bands and taught myself piano.

Dozer Carter: I don’t play shit ha!

Jungle VIP: But he’s just black like liquorice inside!

EC - Haha. The video for Crip Walking on the Nightingale Floor came out not too long ago? You guys filmed that in June - what was that like? It looked like a lot of fun.

Set of Crip Walking on the Nightingale Floor

Set of Crip Walking on the Nightingale Floor

Dozer Carter: We had a good team around us for that video. Shout out to Angie Abramovich and Kat Astner! There was quite a large cast and we had limited time at the location so their planning made it easy for us. Was a sick day. 

EC - The OthaSoul show on Itch Fm? What sort of music do you play on it? How long have you guys been doing that for? The best guest you’ve had on the show? 

Jungle VIP: Soul Hip-hop, neosoul, boom-bap and dreamy trap! Me and DJ Chux been doing it now for about a year. Best guest so far has probably been JD Reid. Cool guy, turned out he’s from just down the road as well. Camden’s hot right now! Lock in every Friday 8-10pm. 

EC – Best gig? Why?

Dozer Carter: Bestival this year was CRAAAAZY… Check the tour diary on youtube!

EC – Worst gig? Why?

Dozer Carter: Jesus, we had a gig last NYE in Shoreditch and erm… Starting celebrating a bit too early. Lucky for us pretty much everyone else in the venue was smashed as well.

EC – Who would you absolutely love to support?

DMobbs: Eric Lau could be quite sick. Too many to name, any neo-soul producers that use live bands really.

Jungle VIP: A Tribe Called Quest would be crazy. So would Kendrick Lamar. But I’d have to go for D’Angelo. 

Dozer Carter: Roc Marciano… Say no more.

EC – Ideal venue to do a gig?

Dozer Carter: Headlining 'The Forum' Kentish Town would mean a lot to us. Prestigious venue in our own manor.

EC – Next gig? Jungle VIP: Old Blue Last, Old Street, Friday 14th Nov. BE THERE!

EC – What can we expect from you guys in the next 3-6 months? 

Dozer Carter: Dropping our new video in the next couple weeks. Got a new album coming. Expect some crazy features! 

The OthaSoul Spekial on Roundhouse Radio will be coming very soon.

Archive post, from 21st October 2014

The show is online.