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Tom Misch

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Hello and welkome to The Elektrik Cave.

How are you?

Tom – Good thanks, just had a delicious lunch.

Elektrik Cave – As I always ask in my radio interviews, ‘What is the purpose of music?’ However, on The Elektrik Cave blog you have no more than 10 words to answer that question in? 

T – I think of it as a universal language that expresses emotion.

EC – You’re from South London, do you think that has inspired a lot of the music you produce?

T – I guess it has to an extent, as there is a lot of music coming out of south London at the moment and it does seem to have a common sound but most of the music I listen to is not massively popular in South London.. or maybe I just haven’t found the people that are into the same stuff yet. Heavily into stuff with soulful vibes and nice grooves.

EC – Some people will be unaware of this, but you don’t only produce, you also play the violin, guitar and you sing. How did you get in to all 4?

T – Well my dad kind of forced me to start the violin when I was about 3 haha.. at the time I hated it but im thankful now as i have another instrument that I can incorporate into my productions but also an appreciation for classical music which has definitely had an effect on the way I make and listen to music. Guitar I started when I was 8 cos my sister started playing so there was one in the house.. had a couple of lessons and fell in love with it very quickly. I actually think of guitar as my primary voice more than my actual singing voice cos its something I’ve done so intensely since I started. Singings something I’ve always done a little bit, but I’m trying to make my music more accessible and I think singing on my stuff can do that.

EC – You’re a man of many talents – and you’re amazing at dipping in to different genres of music. I’m super curious, where did your love for Hip Hop come from? 

T – Haha thank you. Its weird cos ive always been aware of hiphop and for a long time I liked it but it wasn’t really my thing.. I think its when I started to hear to the real 90s j dilla and slum village stuff that it really opened my eyes to a new kind of underground hiphop.. and from that it drew me to a whole world of other genres like neo-soul, a lot of jazz and soul which I now try and draw from to make my music.

EC – On a different note, you’re in a band called Carmody – how did you all meet?

T – Carmody was looking to get a band together and me and her had been doing some writing together over the last 2 years or so I asked my mate Joe to play drums and Carmody got two of her friends on keys and bass.

EC – Tom and Laura Misch – You and your sister, also work together. Whats it like working with your sister? In comparison to working with a friend?

T – Ye my sister. It’s a nice thing to do and its cool to spend time with family doing something creative.. Compared to working with a friend I guess arguments are more prone haha but on the whole we get on very well.

EC – You’ve recently joint forces with Alfa Mist, will we see anymore from you guys? I must say, that 1 minute 44 second track that you guys put out on Soundcloud make me smile! 

T – Glad you liked it! Ye definitely, we are both really into our jazz and hes just on another level.. And its exciting to see another producer who comes from the musician side as opposed to the production side. Also im guna be playing guitar in a band with Alfa Mist and Emmavie soon. But ye we are jamming regularly now and hopefully some projects will come up in the future.

EC – Best gig? Why?

T – I haven’t done much gigging yet.. but best gig was probably playing at ‘The Beanery’ in Camberwell. It’s a tiny cafe/bar that’s right next to Loughborough Junction and the vibes were great.

EC – Worst gig? Why? 

T – One I did in a pub in Kilburn, the people were unfriendly, audience was dead and I just didn’t really enjoy it at all haha.

EC – Who would you absolutely love to support?

T – D’Angelo

EC – Ideal venue to do a gig?

T – My roof

EC – Next gig?

T – Not sure in terms of my solo stuff… I need to sort out how im going to perform my stuff because a lot of it is producing based and cant really be played live. But its something I’m working on and I might just start doing some stuff just guitar, loop pedal and voice.

EC – What can we expect from you in the next 3-6 months? 

T – Hopefully lots of music and releases before I start a jazz guitar degree in September! Ive got a solo EP in the making and also a collaborative EP with Carmody.


Tom Misch

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Archive post, from 1st April 2014