The Sickness

The smooth and deep lyrical beauty of OthaSoul has returned, and The Elektrik Cave couldn't be anymore excited.

OthaSoul - The Remedy 

OthaSoul - The Remedy 

After being quiet for a few months, OthaSoul have released 'The Sickness' from their upcoming album, The Remedy. It's a great song, that gives you a nice flavour of what to expect. 

If you liked the sound of that, then why not book yourself a ticket to see OthaSoul supporting Pete Rock at Proud on Wednesday, 27th May.

All details are on this website.  

Plus, if you still can't get enough of OthaSoul, then check out the OthaSoul Spekial on The Elektrik Cave from Decemeber. It features their Elektrik Session, as well as our conversation (we had a laugh).