Howling - Short Line (Hauschka Remix)

Short Line 

MonkeyTown Records x Counter Records 

Remix | Out 19th June

Howling - Short Lines 

Howling - Short Lines 


A series of electronic soundscapes beautifully produced by Counter Records duo, Howling. 

'Sacred Ground' is out now on Monkeytown x Counter Records.  The Howling duo (Frank Wiedemann and Ry-X) have featured the Dusseldorf-based composer, Hauschka to remix ‘Short Line', and it sounds perfect. 

‘For me, Hauschka is one of today’s most interesting musicians and artist. His live shows are outstanding piano performances and whenever I get the chance to see him play live, I have to go to the concert. We feel so blessed that he overworked our song “Short Line” and created a wonderful new journey for us.’
— Frank Wiedemann

Available to by on LP, CD and Digital 

Tour Dates

11/7 Sacred Ground Festival Brussow Germany

14/7 Take it Easy Milan Italy

16/7 The Cann Stuttgart Germany 

18/7 Lovebox Festival London UK

19/7 Melt Festival Ferropolis Germany

29/7 Output New York USA

31/7 Lot 613 Los Angeles USA

20/8 Schoener Alfred Essen Germany

21/8 Lowlands Festival Holland

22/8 Pukkelpop Festival Belgium