Learning How to be a Disc Jockey Pt3 | Erica McKoy

Part 3. The last part of the 'Learning How to be a Disc Jockey' series. 

Hearing a cheer and a whoop, a couple of people coming up whilst I'm DJing to say they are loving the set, keep play those "funky tunes" and then finally having an email that says "Just listening to it. FUCKING LOVING THE MUSIC.". 

I think those are all the things a DJ wants to hear, they want to know that the people are enjoying themselves. But my expectation, at the very least is that I'm enjoying my set - and trust me I did, I let twitter know that! Ha

So, before last Friday I hadn't been on the decks for over a week and thankfully I wasn't as rusty as I thought I'd be. But I would say, one thing I've learnt over the last month of teaching myself how to DJ is that practice gives you confidence. 

3 things I found helpful, in building confidence in your DJ set

1. Make sure you're comfortable. Sounds obvious - I know. But the first gig I did, there was no monitors facing me so I couldn't hear my set properly. It threw me off big time - this time, I didn't care - I turn't one of the two monitors toward me (just a little), just so that I could hear myself. It helped a lot.  

2. If having friends and family there helps, invite them. If not, don't. Simples. 

3. Okay, so your mixing may not be great just yet, but have confidence in your choice of music. You're a music connoisseur, you wouldn't have been asked to DJ otherwise. Duh! 


Friday, 28th August 2015

National Theatre
Roundhouse Radio take over the #RiverStage
6:45 - 19:30

It's the date we've all be looking forward to, I'll be DJing my first proper gig at the Southbank. Come along, and I'll ease you in to your weekend - it's going to be brilliant. #TheElektrikCave

See you there on Friday