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OthaSoul have recently dropped their latest project, 'The Remedy'. It's a big piece, not just in the length of the work (14 tracks worth of gems) but also in the way it sounds. 

The first track of The Remedy is called 'Prescribe You An Intro' and is almost cinematic in its nature. It's a hefty ol' introduction, but it's perfect for whats to come after. They supply you with a dose of London's Hip Hop scene, their width and breadth of music knowledge, style and then some soul. Are you ready for more? 

Yes you are, you swallow your Remedy and then you start your journey... 

Sour Grapes produced by D Mobbs, holds up as my favourite tune on this piece of work. It's deep, dirty and something for you to really get your teeth in to. It's gritty. They hand you the "Bin bags for days" for all the sale-fast soul-less music you've had to digested, and they get you ready for something special. 

'Elevate' produced by Dozer Carter emulates that old school 90's Hip Hop that I know you love, both in its production and in it's lyrical style. It's another deep track, that is perfect for those days when the sun is shinning and you're just relaxing.

So, now we are 12 tracks in, and of course 'Drinking Is An Art', not everyone can handle their drink. This track features Chany and is produced by D Mobbs. It's one of the many tracks on this album that translates brilliantly live. 

The album is available as a free download, or if you want to support the OthaSoul guys by paying a little something for an incredible piece of work, you can. 


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