DJing at the National | Erica McKoy


National Theatre, London

Erica McKoy 

DJing as the sun set over London on a warm Friday evening, after a week of dismal weather. Lush. 

Picture it. A warm beautiful pink sky, happy Londoners because its a Friday and it's a pay day. Plus a long overdue Bank Holiday weekend is now within touching distance, and just the most chilled out music playing under memory making and bellies dancing with laughter in the company of friends. 

Yeah, that was my set on Friday.

I loved every moment of it, once I got in to it - and I didn't really want to come off. I had a cold glass of Prosecco in one hand, was playing great music with the other and I was surrounded and supported by people I adore for my first proper gig to a proper crowd.  

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On Roundhouse Radio tomorrow evening. 

Saturday, 6-7pm