Happy New Year!


Welcome to 2016! 

January is a fresh beginning. Fresh new year, fresh new perspectives and brand new opportunities, and The Elektrik Cave will be fully experiencing a fresh beginning. As of January 17th, The Elektrik Cave will officially be on CSRfm live on Sunday's from 10-11pm. Make sure you tune in, and wrap up your week with The Elektrik Cave. 

Plus, The Elektrik Cave on Roundhouse Radio will also continue, with a show going out on the first and last Saturday of the month between 6-7pm. It'll be the perfect show to get ready to for your night out (or perhaps a night in). 

Lastly, as always you'll get your dose of new gems every week on The Elektrik Cave blog, from Independent labels and underground artist - so come back to the blog for those honest and true first reactions to the music I get sent. 

Thank you for the support in 2015, although it has been a quiet year for The Elektrik Cave so many wonderful milestones have been met this year. Finally I learnt how to DJ, and I had to learn in less than 30 days, I produced a piece of music for a podcast done for Elektrik Kulture, and I've joined a new station. It's honestly been amazing.

Hope you have a lovely New Year! 

Erica x