The Elektrik Cave - 20th November 2016

That Monday morning feeling doesn't always have to be bad! The Elektrik Cave is back!

(Scroll to the bottom to find out why I didn't create any radio shows for two months).

Check out some the gems on The Elektrik Cave. Let' it seduce those ears of yours! Cheesy - or I as I heard someone say earlier fromage-y. 

New music from Carleen Anderson release, Brother Portrait and Yussef Kamaal.

Show image today is from the LP cover of ' We Got It from Here... Thank You 4 Your Service' by A Tribe Called Quest.

For listeners: 

Oh hey there! 

It's Erica. 

So I haven't created a show in about two months, or rather I was creating shows but not uploading them because they didn't feel right. You know when you get that feeling that something doesn't feel right? I was getting that with The Elektrik Cave.

I had to take a moment out to question what the purpose of The Elektrik Cave was, and what it's role is in these current political times. Is radio important when the world is essentially going to pot? I'd argue it is, but it needs to be doing the right things, and every time I was producing radio (over the last couple of months) for The Elektrik Cave it didn't feel like it was doing the right thing. So moving forward I wanted to make sure that every show is conscious, and is a safe sanctuary for you to enjoy a wide range of music.