Whats Coming Up on The Elektrik Cave | 20th March 2016

Whats coming up on The Elektrik Cave tonight, and where have the gems come from?

Well, I've got a few new releases from big independent labels like XL Recordings and Brainfeeder. That new KAYTRANADA release, which is out 6th May on XL Recording, and that Jameszoo track from Brainfeeder, which is out on the 13th May. 

But, we're here for the more underground stuff...so I've also found some new music from Belgium Hip Hop duo, Romeo Elvis and Le Motel, and a couple of tunes from London by a few of our favourite Jazz friends. Oh, and a wicked vocal recording from a little island on the east coast of Africa, just to blow you away. AND as well all of that a jazz track from India! Yes, I know. 

The show will be available from tomorrow morning on Mixcloud. 

LIVE from 10pm on CSRfm 

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