Walking the Walk on Gender Equality - The Elektrik Cave / Gathering - Women in Music

We need to be creating inclusive spaces for all sexes. We spend a lot of time around International Women's Day, talking the talk about how we are going to make spaces more inclusive for all sexes, increase women on the line up of festivals and increase pay for women. Often the conversation dries up about 3 weeks after these types of forums are set up. We then get into a cycle of doing it every year, and perhaps thinking about our female peers at other significant days in the year when we are told to appreciate the women in our lives like Mothers Day. But we need to ask the question, why are we not considering the women in our lives as equals every single day? Why are we happy to let a sexist joke pass because 'it's just not that deep'? 

As Jackie Queens said, men know what is going on, yet are not standing up for their peers, and that needs to change. 

Yazz Ahmed also brilliantly asked the question; when was the last time a Wynton Marsalis was introduced as a "male musician"? Never. 

Thank you to DJ Storm, Ruby Savage, Tyson McVey and Hannah TW for chatting on the show. Thank you to Jackie Queens, Yazz Ahmed and Nicole Logan. 

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