The Elektrik Cave - 15th July 2018 | Jorja Smith | Etuk Ubong | Oscar Worldpeace | X-Altera | Roxanne

The Elektrik Cave 

Weekly Shows


Welcome back to the weekly The Elektrik Cave show on Mixcloud. 

Last week the reception to the show was brilliant. We got in to the Mixcloud charts, and we reached a new global audience. This week the show is a little more soulful, pop-py and electronic. 


Aario Drgento - 01 最低国

Harry Fisher - Just Friends (ft Natalie Roseblade) 

Jorja Smith - Beautiful Little Fools 

Yussef Dayes - Love Is The Message (ft Mansur Brown)

Etuk Ubong - Black Debtors

Kamaal Williams - Salaam 

James Alexander Bright - LOVE 

Oscar Worldpeace - Twix

Louis VI - Thurgood (ft Nikki Cisyln and Ashia Karana)

Roxanne - Crimson Eyes 

Project Karnak - Equinox 

Angelica Pray - Single Candle Light 

Kaidi Tatham - Cupid (ft Uhmeer)

X-Altera - Compound Extraprotus