We All Need to Act - The Elektrik Cave / Gathering - Disability and Music


Last week on the show we discussed disability and how technology is being used to create new instruments and sounds for musicians with disabilities.

We had a discussion about the importances of accessibility in all spaces. Consider this...is it logical to have "accessible" wheelchair access seats in a concert hall, but to then have the disabled toilets far from that area? Is it logical to have access for disabled people in the audience spaces, but not back stage for performers? Is the industry saying "people with disabilities can't be performers and entertainers, but we'll take their money when they come to be entertained.", when the physical space isn't accessible, it instantly restricts the possibilities for art creation.  

Campaigners such as John Kelly, is calling for all of us to work towards making spaces more accessible.  


Thank you to Kris Haplin, John Kelly, Leon Clowes and Drake Music for chatting on the show.