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Freedom of Movement

This week we are exploring themes around Free Movement, and we are celebrating what migration has done for us in the UK as it feels more relevant than ever to dig into the values and challenges of international exchange at a time when we are hearing more stories every day about displacement, mistreatment and immigration issues. We’ll be hearing from the people who are often faceless and nameless in the headlines that dissects communities, and forms partitions between people.


Owen is a DJ from Manchester. He’s a father of three that was meant to get on a flight dubbed as the ‘convict flight’. He’d arrived in the UK as a four year old boy, from former British colony, Jamaica. He committed a crime in the UK, and was then came face to face with the Home Office.

Listen to our 45 minute phone conversation:


Klaus is an electronic producer from London. He, with 14 others drove to Stansted Airport in a minibus to stop the deportation of 60 vulnerable migrants to Ghana, Nigeria and Sierra Leone. They were successful in stopping the charted flight from leaving. Listen to Klaus share what happened the night they took to the tarmac to stop a flight from take off.


BID are a group of people who want Detention Centres completely closed down. As it stands (at the time of writing this), a person can be placed in a detention centre for an indeterminate amount of time. Let me put that in to perspective for you. That could be 2 days, or it could be 6 months, or it could be 15 years. There is no way of knowing.

Owen talks about the surprise he had when he was signing in at a immigration reporting centre before being asked to get in the back of a van where he was taken to a police station before before being moved to a detention centre. He woke up that morning not knowing his day would result in him being in a cell. [Listen to Day 2]

BID are there to give support to people who are detained within these facilities.

Listen to the conversation here:

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