Elektrik Art: Mister Gone | Jack Marshall

Mister Gone | Jack Marshall | London, England

Cargo Collective


The first artist that has to feature on this blog of course is the guy who created my show art. Mister Gone.

He has created pieces for King Krule, Haraket and Filthy BoyImageArt work for King Krule's debut album, 6 Feet Beneath the Moon

ImageThe cover of the EP, iLK by Haraket

ImageA t-shirt desigh for Filthy Boy

Immensely talented at what he does. Some of his work reminds me of the works of those involved in the Cubism Movement of the early 20th century. That sort of contemporary Jazz art feel. My very dull description does his art no justice, but ultimately his work is seriously beautiful.

A lot of his doodles that he posts on his Tumblr reminds me Francis Newton Souza's work. Very dark, full of texture (in terms of meaning and purpose) and it feels like he's exposing small snippets of his thoughts.

I asked for Mister Gone to do a piece for The Elektrik Cave, as his work is deep and thoughtful. The experience I want listeners to go through is definitely something more than your average radio show. I want the listener to think about the sounds, for example the dodgy mic picking up background sounds in interviews, the 7 minute pieces that I bring to the show, and of course the kulture element that features in it too.

All his links are below, so nose around his corner of the internet. http://mistrgone.tumblr.com/ http://cargocollective.com/mrgone http://mistergone.bigcartel.com/

Disclaimer note: I don't own any of the images in this post.