Kulture Review: INNER CITY OOZ


London, England

5th September — 27th September

Artists: Jack Marshall Archy Marshall



Inner City Ooz

Produced by Alex Joules Rouach

Jack Marshall, also known as Mistr Gone has reclaimed a little piece of London's magic through paint, illustrations, silk screen and linocut. Archy Marshall, better known as King Krule, dipped more in to the territory of photography, poetry and music. Both artists work exposed the dark abyss of London, whilst bringing out the cities raw beauty, and occasional sparkle.

Archy Marshall Edited Image 3
Archy Marshall Edited Image 3

"The brain is an industrial soundscape" - Archy Marshall

The work filtered this idea wonderfully on to layers and layers of new canvas, and through the sonic realm that you find yourself in when you walk in to this exhibition. Downstairs, a live sound installation was going on in the background with friends of the artists presenting the music. The drummer of a band called Haraket sat behind printed sheets, whilst, Rago Foot presented us with electronics.

A soon as I arrived at the Display Gallery, the smell of paint was fresh in the air, I would later find out that some of the pieces at the exhibition was worked on a few days ahead of the display. The team at the gallery mentioned how, some days they’d arrive at work, and a piece would look complete, they would return to the piece a few hours later to find that it had completely changed.

There was such a diversity in the type of art there. A range of spray paint, pastel and acrylic. As well as using materials such as wood, paper and canvas to present them. It really showed how liberating this form of expression is for the Marshall brothers.

Jack Marshall Edited Image 6
Jack Marshall Edited Image 6

One thing I couldn't help notice was the repetition in a love that came out in both their art. There was a mixture of overtly romantic love and philos love in their work, either coming out in their choice of words, or the actions involved in the artwork. It was exciting and interesting to see.

The exhibition is definitely worth checking out, and goes on until the 27th September.

Images credits: Jack Marshall and Archy Marshall

Picture 1: Nunhead - Jack Marshall

Picture 2: Sky is the limit - Archy Marshall

Picture 3: Oyo - Jack Marshall