Elektrik Kulture: Podcast

Elektrik Kulture News: 

Recently, I've thought of a few new ways to get more people interacting with arts and culture in and around London. One way that I finally agreed on, is by providing a free downloadable podcasts, with interviews and clips from projects.

The first one will be released at the end of October and is called Elektrik Kulture: Strolling

I'll be talking to 3 people involved in a new project, that is about openness and providing a platform for conversation. Thats all I can say now, but I think it will be a nice first episode for the Elektrik Kulture - and I'd advice that you put it on your mp3 players, iPhones, iPads, iPods... (and all the rest)Episodes will be available to listen to on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.

If you have any thoughts on this new Elektrik Kulture project, it'll be great to hear them, so drop me a tweet @Erica_Mckoy