Yellow Fever

Yellow Fever

Art | Kulture | Politics

Ng'endo Mukii

Nairobi, Kenya

This 6 minute award winning animation looks at a child growing up in a world where she is not considered pretty because of her skin colour. Constantly faced by situations that forces her to embrace the whiteness she wasn't born with, she is lost. She doesn't quite understand why she shouldn't love her skin and everything that makes her a beautiful African child (or simply a child of the world), but she knows that what she sees in the mirror isn't what is seen as 'perfect'. That little girl struggles to relate to the world around her.

We live in a world where blackness is ugly, and whiteness is beautiful. And that is not right. Why are we forgetting to judge people by there personalities rather than their skin tone? This cycle of hate will only continue if we don't look beyond the melanin levels in each others skin, when deciding what is beautiful.

We live in a world were we compare ourselves to each other far too much, we are told that each imperfection ought to be blended out and mended immediately, otherwise you'll run the risk of standing out. For anyone who ever assumes that being darker is an imperfection, then please stop. Your idea of beauty has sadly been warped, over centuries of colonisation - and people who have squeezed dry the natural resources of the world. At this point, you are involved in a situation that is much bigger than image.

 I've been reading a lot of philosophical texts, and the most recent one is John Staurt Mill 'On Liberty', although a controversial character when it comes down to race, in Chapter 3 he talks about individualism. The only way for society to develop is if we embrace out differences. That's exactly what we are, different - and thats perfectly okay.