Brainchild presents 'GIRLS IN SOUND'




London, UK

We love to see women in every work sector and sometimes, there simply is not enough coverage of the great women who are working in male dominated industries. So, when we heard about this we immediately wanted to show our support, as there are some brilliant female music producers, and women who are in music. 

Before we crack on, what is Brainchild?

Brainchild is a community, that supports artists in the UK, and they are definitely part of the The Elektrik Cave family. They hold an annual festival every year, that aims to support some of the UK underground artists, and their stages have been graced by the likes of Nerija, Mina and Poppy Adujha. Brainchild is a family and community of artists that are united by their love of music, art, poetry and loads more. 

What is this? 

They are teaming up with a London based producer called Mina to bring you 'GIRLS IN SOUND'.

Across three Sunday afternoon sessions, you'll be welcomed to learn about music production, from sampling and sound design to song structure, remixing, recording and mastering. Plus, it doesn't matter what level you consider yourself to be at, it's a chance to learn and network with other brilliant women. 

Participants will be provided with a specially made sample pack of sounds as well as a pack of acapellas for remixing.

There will be ten places per session, and they will cost £5 per person. Ideally participants will be able to attend all 3 dates: Sunday 5th, 12th and 19th February, 1pm - 4pm. To take part, please fill in this form by 7pm on the 27th January:

If you can't afford the £5 session cost, get in touch with Brainchild at and they will see if there is something they can do. 



Session 1 - Sampling & sound design
05/02/17, 1pm - 4pm
Learn about the building blocks of music making, how to find and use samples, and how to create and record your own. You will learn to create sounds using a variety of synthesisers. 

Session 2 - Structure, remixing and vocal recording
12/02/17, 1pm - 4pm
Learn how to turn your samples and loops into a full track. We will break down tracks from a variety of genres into parts to learn about how to structure a song effectively. You will also learn about the process of remixing using the acapella pack. Plus a live demonstration of how to record your own vocal a guest vocalist.

Session 3 - Mixing & mastering
19/02/17, 1pm - 4pm
Learn how to use effects and plugins to transform your tracks into finished pieces of music.
You will go over various techniques and also explain the mastering process. During the session there will be a chance for constructive feedback for works in progress.

They will also have a question and answer time at the end each session where you can ask any questions you may have about getting into the music industry, such as marketing, events, radio, touring and working with labels.