The Vagina Series Podcast | Self Care Mix Series

Elektrik Kulture 

The Vagina Series Podcast 

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To support the launch of The Vagina Series Podcast. We are sharing some of the Self Care mixes curated by Erica from The Elektrik Cave for the podcast. 

The Vagina Series is a podcast handbook for womxn. 
Sharing the honest stories of womxn, edited and produced by womxn. From puberty to post menopause, we're going to get as real af.

The curation features DJ's from London. Each song in each mix has been hand selected for you to just take time out and relax. The Self Care Mix series features DJ's from BBZ London, Gal-dem and Brownswood Recordings. 

The Vagina Series Podcast will be out in October 2018. You can subscribe on iTunes