Photograph by Martin Eito © 

Photograph by Martin Eito © 

"You can tell that Erica puts a lot of effort into each of her radio shows and I find this really admirable. She is a great example of a young female in London, making the most of the opportunities that this city has to offer when it comes to working in music and radio."

- Throwing Shade, Dazed


"@Erica_McKoy We love your show! ;)" 

-Beatnik Records


"Big up Erica!" 

- Von D


"We know no other homegrown radio show with smoother or more vibrant playlist, or beautiful presenter."

- Brainchild Festival


"Love your live recordings, they're gold dust."



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The Elektrik Cave is a radio show that started on Roundhouse Radio in 2012. The show specialises in exploring electronic music and jazz sounds from all over the world.